Book FAQ

Will this book teach me how to act?
No. The book isn't a how-to on the art of acting. It's focused on helping actors launch and/or cultivate their career by providing detailed information about the business of acting in Chicago. This information is often difficult to come by, and the book is the only place where it's collected in one location with personal experiences and anecdotes sprinkled in.
How do I get started in voice over?
Step one is to read the book. It's written for voice actors as much as on camera actors. Step two is to enroll in a beginning VO class. Chapter 4 discusses Chicago's best options for voice over training.
Will this book help me get an agent?
Possibly. Chapter 6 is devoted to the subject of Chicago talent agencies and has details on how to go about getting representation. However, there are no guarantees in this business.
I'm an established stage actor. Is there anything for me in the book?
Absolutely. The book was written with theater actors in mind. While parts of the book might not be new to you, it will get you thinking in a different way about your career. Assuming you're familiar with everything Chicago has to offer will only limit you. Knowledge is power, and in this case it also means making more money from your acting.
What do you mean by "making a living"?
The book focuses on getting actors to whatever point they want for themselves. Whether that's using your acting income for "fun money" or counting on it to run your entire household, the book will demystify the process of being a professional actor in the Chicago market.
My kid wants to be an actor. Is this book for them, too?
Sure. Though it's not focused on child actors, the book is a great read for parents who aren't familiar with the business in Chicago. The facts concerning agents, casting directors, unions and money apply to both child and adult actors, and are explained in great detail. To get more specific information regarding your child's acting endeavors, schedule a personal consultation with Chris.
Is there anything in the book about working in New York or Los Angeles?
Nope. The book is focused entirely on the Chicago market. There is, however, a chapter on working in Milwaukee.
Can you suggest ways of earning money while I establish myself?
Yes. Chapter 12 goes into detail about this subject. If you'd like to supplement your income, this information will be valuable.
Do I have to be thin/gorgeous/buff/studly to be an actor?
Absolutely not. Actors come in all shapes and sizes. Your ability matters more than your looks. Good, solid training is a must. Chapter 4 is devoted to training resources in Chicago.
Is Chris available for coaching or consultations?
Yes. Use the contact link for a personal coaching session or to schedule a lecture to a larger group.
Can Chris take a look at my headshot and resume?
Yes. Use the contact link to schedule a personal consultation. Unfortunately, Chris is unable to give his opinion without a scheduled consultation.
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