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Chris AgosChris Agos is a full-time actor based in Chicago. His career is split evenly between on camera and voice over work. Chris has been hired by some of the largest advertisers in the country, including Ford, Budweiser, Sears, Scott's Lawn Care, Buick and The Hartford to name a few. He has also worked on shows for STARZ, FOX, NBC, CW, A&E, and HGTV and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Chris launched his acting career in 1995. No one noticed. Unable to rely on industry contacts (because he didn't have any), it took six months to get his first agent and another six before he landed his first job. During that time Chris studied various aspects of the business in Chicago's acting schools, and eventually set a goal of booking one job per month. After that goal was reached, he set a new goal of working twice per month. The progress continued, allowing Chris to rely on acting as his sole source of income since 1999.

Early on Chris began keeping track of both his successes and his mistakes. Over time he developed a very efficient way of working, causing other actors to ask for his advice on how to push their career to another level. That prompted the creation of Acting In Chicago: Making A Living Doing Commercials, Voice Over, TV/Film And More. The book answers every question Chris had when he was starting out and through the later stages of his career. Topics like the seven ways Chicago actors earn money, agents, training, unions, casting directors, headshots, and alternative income sources while a career is still developing are all covered in great detail. Most importantly, the book answers every Chicago actor's biggest question: how to make a full-time living as an actor.

Chris is a graduate of The Avery Coonley School, Naperville North High School and DePaul University, but did not study theater. He had every intention of attending medical school, but was sidetracked by the acting business. He has a soft spot for golden retrievers, a love/hate relationship with running, and a tendency to overindulge in home made baked goods (hence the running). He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and twin sons.

Chris Agos is available for private coaching or lectures to larger groups. Use the Contact link for more information.

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Sam Samuelson authored the book's foreword. He is an agent at Stewart Talent, the largest talent agency in the Midwest, and was responsible for establishing their New York office. Prior to agenting, Sam was an actor who appeared on Broadway, off-Broadway, in national tours and worked extensively in commercials and voice over. Sam co-owns the Wilmette Theatre, a multi-arts north shore performance venue, where he is responsible for all of the live bookings. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music and is the first recipient of The Young Alumni Award for excellence in the entertainment industry.